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Mr Abdulaziz Altamimi

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Author Identification of of Text Limited Messages

The UK Crown Prosecution Service published that 33% of stalking incidents are undertaken by email, 32% by text message and a more 8.4% were by social networking. The anonymous nature of modern messaging systems increases the difficulty in identity the individuals responsible. Authorship identification is being employed for forensics analysis to recognize the author of anonymous messages. Whilst the domain of author identification is well established, its focus has traditionally been upon paper-based letters with large volumes of text from which to compare. Modern electronic communications lack the hand-written element, but importantly tend to be based upon relatively short messages (e.g. twitter posts, social network posts, instant messenger and text messaging). This has led to focus upon approaches to overcome these. Whilst some research has already demonstrated the feasibility of such approaches, limitations in the volume of text available, performance achieved and application result in significant opportunities for further research.

The MPhil stage of this research will undertake a literature review to establish the current state-of-the-art in related areas of author identification. A particular focus upon short text messaging, social media posts and tweets will be given. An understanding of the context within which this works fits and general investigative models will also be included. A preliminary study into social network posts will be undertaken to provide an understanding of the current effectiveness of the approaches.

Mr Abdulaziz Altamimi

Director of studies: Prof. Nathan L Clarke
Other supervisors: Prof. Steven M Furnell

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