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Miss Opeoluwa Balogun

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Cloud Security for medical radiological images provision in healthcare

The aim of the proposed research is to establish an access control mechanism for sharing and mobile rendering of 3-dimensional medical radiological images in the cloud. Sharing radiological images and the ability to promptly access its related data with high accuracy is an important part of quality radiological practice. Teleradiology supports authorized healthcare professionals and patients to instantaneously access medical images and related data without time or place dependencies. Technological progress of mobile devices has created opportunities for volume rendering on mobile devices. Mobile volume rendering (using tablets, mobile phones, and PDAs) is another interest of this research, which will enable specialists have access to medical images more readily.
Adopting cloud computing for healthcare provides valuable benefits, but regrettably inherits significant security challenges, mostly relating to privacy of data, integrity of data, access control and authentication. There exist several challenges but an identified challenge of the existing access control mechanisms for sharing electronic health record is the use of ‘exception access’, this can be considered a back-door for misuse therefore it threatens the privacy of patients’ data. However, proposed access control mechanisms have limited adoption because of their inability to be successfully integrated within healthcare.
Hence, more research is needed to understand the challenges of providing effective access control and authentication. This stage of the research will aim to further investigate and understand the major challenges of present patients’ image sharing models. Finally, this research proposes an informed mechanism for improving cloud-based access to patient images.

Miss Opeoluwa Balogun

Director of studies: Dr Maria Papadaki
Other supervisors: Dr Lingfen Sun

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