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Mr Florian Kemmer

Research Student

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Privacy and Security Control of Smart Devices

Despite all efforts, security in Cloud Computing environments is still perceived critically and hinders a more widespread adoption in business environments. The problems amplify with the advent of smart devices and everyday end users facing the same issues, however lacking the same background knowledge and thus inadvertently exposing sensitive information to cloud services. Studies have shown that most people are worried about their data being misused, but only a small fraction deploys effective coutermeasurements resulting in loss of data sovereignty. The situation is not completely unlike data leak scenarios, in which companies more than once have lost secret information due to insufficient privacy protection, however more diverse and difficult to automate.

The MPhil stage of the project will develop a state of the art understanding of the concept of "Digital Privacy" and analyse current technologies and approaches to protect sensitive data, both in corporate as well as in private environments. Particular focus will be given to distributed systems that not only allow detection of leaks, but also provide feedback to the user.

Mr Florian Kemmer

Director of studies: Prof. Dr Christoph Reich
Other supervisors: Prof. Dr Martin Knahl, Prof. Nathan L Clarke

Conference papers

Software Defined Privacy
Kemmer F, Reich C, Knahl MH, Clarke NL
International Conference on High Performance Computing, Cloud Engineering Workshop (IC2EW), 2016 IEEE International Conference on, pp 25-39, Berlin, 4-8 April 2016, 2016
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