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The Centre for Security, Communications and Network Research (CSCAN) produces a range of videos and podcasts which are made freely available through our iTunesU collection and our YouTube channel.

All of our videos are free to use for personal and commercial purposes, subject to attribution in the distributed version (feel free to contact us if you have any queries).

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Latest videos from our YouTube channel:

Recent trends in targeted attacks (CSCAN | PlymUniInfoSec)

Recent trends in targeted attacks This video presents segments from the Kaspersky Cyber Day held at the University of Plymouth on 3 October 2018. Denis Barinov, Head of Academic Affairs at Kaspersky Lab, talked about student opportunities. Ivan Kwiatkowski, Senior Security Researcher in the company’s Global Research and Analysis Team, then presents a talk on the current and future threat landscape. Podcasts: Research Centre Website:

The Role of the ICT Professional in Information Security (CSCAN | PlymUniInfoSec)

The Role of the ICT Professional in Information Security The ICT professional has to design, develop, and maintain appropriate measures in ICT systems to provide assurance that they are secure enough. The ICT professional must have the right knowledge, skills and competencies, must be responsible and accountable, and has a duty of care. In this keynote talk from HAISA 2016, Leon Strous asks how we can achieve a situation where our profession meets the expectations Podcasts: Research Centre Website:

Teaching the Police to Program (CSCAN | PlymUniInfoSec)

Paul Stephens discusses the development, delivery and evaluation of the “Forensic Scripting Using Bash” course for EU law enforcement, the aim which is to take police with no programming experience, and give them a common level of knowledge of scripting for forensic computing applications in Linux. The talk was hosted at Plymouth University and delivered to the South West Branches of BCS and the Institute of Information Security Professionals on 24 April 2014. Podcasts: Research Centre Website: